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Coolshop and Koongo are announcing the availability of the integration between these two environments to streamline the process of the product selling in the Coolshop Marketplace. Any of Koongo supported shopping platform is now possible to connect very easily to the

Established in Denmark in 2002

Coolshop started in Denmark in 2002 as a small online retailer, primarily selling Video Games and Consoles to the Danish market. Soon Coolshop expanded out and became one of the most innovative and growing businesses in Danish
e-commerce. One of the core values of Coolshop is always to push the limits, always seek new opportunities and be on the frontier of the technological development.

First real Scandinavian Marketplace

Coolshop Marketplace is the first real Scandinavian Marketplace, which stretches out into seven countries:

  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom

The goal for Coolshop Marketplace is to offer low commissions for Vendors, high transparency for Vendors and Customers as well as keeping the business model very simple. The Marketplace Platform is highly scalable, so Vendors only have to provide one price including VAT, and they will be able to sell in all 7 markets, because the Platform handles VAT and currency conversion. This Marketplace is unique due to 7 countries, which can be targeted with only 1 registration, easy access to the Nordic countries and promotes freedom of choice for the individual Vendor. (Countries outside EU require an individual registration. E.g. Norway.)

Save 105 € with free Coolshop subscription!

Coolshop Marketplace offers 3 months of Coolshop Subscription to all clients of Koongo for FREE.
Simply send an email to Coolshop at and put “Koongo – Coolshop Client” into the email subject. You’ll be contacted by the Coolshop support with a Shop Creation Link.

Interested in Coolshop channel? Contact us at Koongo support, we’ll help you to set your Coolshop channel up!

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