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idealo is one of the leading price comparison portals in Europe. With more than 76 million page views per month, it's the price expert in online retail and, as one of Europe's largest performance marketing channels, it delivers high-quality traffic to more than 50,000 merchants every day, helping them to grow.

idealo users can compare up to 500 million offers on idealo and find out more about them by reading reviews and user opinions. It operates in six European countries including Germany, Austria, the UK, Spain, Italy and France. This allows you to reach millions of shoppers and gives you the opportunity to sell your products to a wide range of consumers.

In addition to this reach, there are other benefits for you as a merchant: the quality of its traffic is significantly higher than traffic from other performance marketing channels. The users who come to your site through these price comparison features are at the lower end of the decision-making funnel. This means that you will always receive highly qualified traffic, giving you a very good cost-to-sales ratio. The quick and easy onboarding process makes working with idealo even more attractive and profitable.

Its merchant backend (idealo Business) gives you extensive performance data. Listing in the idealo app, which has already been downloaded more than 18 million times in Germany, is another major advantage. Other idealo features such as price alerts and watch lists increase the loyalty and durability of users' purchasing decisions.

In summary, it can be said that it is currently particularly attractive for merchants to work with idealo. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that 82% of Germans state that they want to compare prices more often, and idealo offers them a large reach and a user-friendly platform for this purpose. Accordingly, sales of price comparisons are growing in contrast to the overall e-commerce market in Germany.

With its comprehensive data and focus on quality and service, idealo is the ideal partner for merchants who want to take their business to the next level.

Benefits of idealo

  • Millions of customers ready to buy
  • High-quality traffic for merchants at any time
  • Effective performance marketing
  • Low cost-turnover ratio
  • Simple and fast onboarding
  • Access to performance data in the merchant backend (idealo Business)
  • Listing in the idealo app (over 18 million downloads in Germany)
Learn more about idealo selling

Check How to Sell on idealo marketplace article. And learn more about idealo selling.

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idealo integration guide

The idealo standard feed is used to upload product data to the idealo channel.

Open an account with idealo

Please check the guide below for more information about how to upload your product data on the idealo channel.

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